SlimPlus Nigeria

Kick out the bloated fat in your body


Slimplus is a passionate health and weight loss brand that strives to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle by combining certified all natural weight loss ingredients such as fine blended moringa, loftus leaf, cassia seed, and oolong tea. With over thousands of customers globally, Slimplus has successfully whisk out effective and sustainable routes to natural weight loss, promoting a healthy eating lifestyle and not just a short term fix. Terms and Conditions Slimplus provides contents and products when you visit our website the terms and conditions of sale is a legally binding agreement made between us and the users of the site which governs the use and the services, content, features, and offers provided on this site. To place an order, for our products, you must complete and submit the online order or speak with a certified Slimplus telesales agent or distributor. These terms and conditions are legally binding agreement made by us and the users of this site and we reserve the right to take legal action against unauthorized and unofficial sale of our products. Conditions of Use Slimplus encourages a healthy lifestyle but it is not a magic formula to weight loss as body types varies, change takes time. Slimplus is 100% natural, it`s not suitable for children and pregnant women.  In respect of medical issues, consult your doctor or any other health care provider before use.